photos of me and my lovely husband Donnie by the incomparable Izzy Hudgins Photography

My partner, Donnie, and I cook absurdly complicated meals with some frequency, and have rockin' dance parties in our living room while cleaning ('80s Cardio is the best Pandora station for simultaneous booty shaking and mopping). If you'd like to see what we're cooking, take a peek in the blog for some of my favorite vegetarian recipes. If you'd like to see my sweet dance moves, book a session with me.

I look around constantly and see so many beautiful people who don’t even realize just how gorgeous they are. Everyone is way too good-looking to continue feeling this way. Let me show you just how beautiful you are in a boudoir session. Or a modern glamour session. Or a feel-good portrait session (or if you insist, I'll prove it to you in some other type of session instead). 

Warning: You are going to feel stunning and empowered when our session is through. So get ready! 

(and contact me so we can make it happen)


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PPPS I'm super super LGBTQ-friendly, just so we're clear on that. So you want a same-sex couples boudoir session, or need a wedding photographer for your LGBTQ wedding? I'm ON it.