Nice to meet you, 2011.

When I lived in France, I managed to keep up a semi-regular blog.  I wrote about the ups and downs of living in France, missing my friends and family, and everyday things that would have happened regardless of my locale.  Since I've come back, not only have I missed writing regularly, but I have become more involved in a sort of blogging community and following the blogs of these amazing women has inspired me to delve into the online world of writing again.

Honestly, I don't know what I plan to do with this, whether I'll post about food or life goals or work or thoughts or feelings or grad school plans or wedding planning.  I really, truly, honestly don't know.  Probably a little bit of each of those things.  But I do know that I'll be writing again, and that feels good.

Ah yes, and the blog title.  Borrowed from my good friend Holly Near's song, "The Great Peace March."  The song has always been near (ha, no pun intended) and dear to my heart, reminding me of my childhood and a close group of women whom I love.  And now, upon reexamination, the lyrics are words I truly believe in.  And what better way to start a new blog with some words that I can get behind.

So anyways, here we go!