Note to all: "Big Fish" is not a feel-good movie, except it also is. Also note: this post contains a plot spoiler.

Well, Donnie and I just finished watching Big Fish.  After a weekend and then a Monday full of some hard emotions (my puppy dog is under the weather, please send positive doggie vibes), I requested that the movie we watch tonight be light-hearted, easy to watch, and not too heavy on the emotional scale.  For that reason, we nixed watching a few other movies, including Babe, because in that movie, an animal dies.  So we decided to watch Big Fish.

Well, it's a heartwarming story and it is beautiful and funny and uplifting but it is also really, REALLY sad.  Oops.

But this brings me to my point.  I was not at all in the mood to watch something that would make me cry, that would re-surface the feelings that I'm dealing with and make me feel sad again.  As far as I was concerned, I needed a cathartic moving watching experience: some way to move past all my troubles, if you will.  And I was convinced that the way to do that was through laughter.  Through an easy-to-watch movie.

But, as it turns out, I needed the movie exactly as it was.  Yes, it was sad, and yes *here's the plot spoiler, sorry* the dad dies, and yes the movie, in many ways, reminded me of my grandpa whom I am missing a little extra right now.  And yes, I cried like a baby with Donnie's arms around me and Walter (the cat) on my lap.

And it was perfect.

To have: a chance to talk about my grandpa; a chance to snuggle into my fiance in my most honest state; a chance to let go of some tough tears, to celebrate life, to be in the moment.  I think that's what a good movie does.

All while wearing my extra-large, formerly-Grandpa's, very cozy sweatshirt.