What a night!

So.  Tonight, after Donnie picked me up from work, we went to Bath and Body Works and I spent my $10 gift card, indulging in some Twilight Woods lotions.  Then we went to Meijer and spent almost $60 on nearly all fresh fruits and veggies, with the exception of some frozen broccoli, some dried dates and prunes, and some granola.  My body has been hurting from the holiday season, from eating bad-for-you things at work, from the rut that I always get into when it's the middle of winter and grapes cost $2.99 a pound.

And now I feel so good!  So good that we came home, and I cleaned the fridge, and Donnie did dishes, and we put away laundry, and we made lists (apartment lists, wedding lists, food lists), and we watched the Cosby Show, and now I'm blog posting and then: to bed, I promise!

It's amazing what a little treat for your belly (namely those cherries and the 18 lb. bag of grapefruit that we bought) and a little treat for your soul (a clean refrigerator, a laundry basket full of dirty clothes and the clean clothes away in their drawers) and a little treat for your brain (lists lists lists of goals that are totally attainable) can do.  Love and light, y'all.