Life List

So, I just got a new computer, and part of having a new computer means I had to transfer my newest Life List (inspiration from here and here but really mostly here) into a new sticky on my computer desktop.  And then I noticed a function in that application where you can have some anonymous, computer generated voice read your text out loud.

Just hearing my life list (which is ever growing, ever changing) aloud was so very powerful and I realized that putting it out there for others to see and encourage and breathe life into could be and will be even more powerful.  And scary.

So here it is:

Kinzie's Life List
1. knit a pair of socks
2. go skinny dipping
3. live in France
4. get married
5. have babies
6. nurse those babies
7. paint my nails grey
8. have a dog
9. get published
10. go to every continent
11. open a restaurant that I believe in
12. take a two week vacation from the internet
13. blog regularly
14. brew beer
15. write a book
16. own a stick shift car
17. eat 100 new foods
18. eat at a gourmet vegetarian/vegan restaurant
19. be the Baker's Wife or the Witch in Into the Woods
20. make bold style choices
21. support other artists
22. tip $20 at a coffee shop
23. be a regular at a cafe