Accidental skort

Well, life continues to spin out of control in a glorious, glorious way. I'm hopeful that soon I'll have some exciting news to share, but that will have to wait. In the meantime, I will leave you with a picture taken at rehearsal today and the story that accompanies it.

A few weeks ago, Donnie and I were shopping at a thrift store and I saw this awesome skirt. Polka dots, bright colors, looked about my size -- I was sold. I was buying a bag full of clothes (there was a sale -- two bags stuffed full of clothes for $20, and I already had a ton of things) so I just stuffed the skirt in the bag without even trying it on. When I got home, I decided to try the skirt on with a shirt that I thought it would look good with.

Except it wasn't a skirt. Oh no. There were shorts hiding inside the fabric. Friends: I purchased a skort. An accidental skort.

I posted about my accidental skort purchase on facebook and a friend of mine from the show commented: "Kinzie, you *have* to wear that to rehearsal someday." And then, fast-forward to today, our last day of rehearsal in which we weren't required to wear costumes. So I wore the skort. And it was good.

Note: as much of a mess as I seem to be in this picture, I was even more of a mess all day. I couldn't stop doing lunges and leg lifts, showing off the skort's ability to maintain some degree of modesty despite my best efforts. I guess trusting me with a skort is a dangerous prospect. What can you do?