Social Media #helpmeifeellost

I was talking to a dear friend this weekend about NY's legalization of gay marriage (which, um, HOORAY!). But moreso, we were discussing social media's role in how the news spread. I logged onto facebook and saw "Yay New York!" so I immediately clicked over to the nytimes tab on my computer to soak in the good news. But then, returning to facebook, I scrolled down further on my newsfeed and saw the following conversation transpire, on that very same "Yay NY" post:

A: Yay New York!
.....B: What happened in NY?
.....A: They legalized gay marriage.
.....B: Oh yeah, I just scrolled down further in my newsfeed and found that out.

I shared with my friend that I was appalled that our generation seems to be getting so much of its news from social media like facebook and twitter. However, this conversation inspired a discussion of social media: because though it's sad that that's the method through which people are finding out about news, it also means that these people are learning about news they might otherwise not hear about at all.

Long story short, I ended up joining twitter tonight. I just feel that I should at least understand some glimpse of the tweeting generation (my generation, I suppose?) if I hope to maintain connections with my peers and my future students and find new and different ways to relate. As my teacher friend posted in her blog about a recent foray into online media, "I knew this week would encourage me to do the things I have to do to be a relevant teacher for my students." I think she's got a real good point.