Marriage Equality

Image from here. Liz Feldman is a writer comedian lady (her own words). She has also worked on Ellen for years and has won awards. Also she said this great thing which I think is great!

On APW this week, we are celebrating Pride Week with posts written from an LGBTQ perspective. I feel so honored to be part of this community, in a time when we are speaking up for something that is so very important to me.

But that said, today's post has made me think a little about myself as an equal rights activist. I don't know that I do enough to stand up for my beliefs, and I simultaneously don't know how to change that. I am quick to stand up for LGBTQ rights in just about every capacity; Donnie and I have been searching for wedding vendors who would just as happily (and proudly) share their talents with same sex couples; I have gotten into god-knows-how-many debates and discussions on facebook in which I am required to fight for what I believe in --

-- but I think it's not enough. What am I doing, everyday, to change the course of history? I need to rethink my actions. Not that the choices I make aren't something, but there is always room for growth, eh?