One of my biggest goals recently is to simplify. I am trying to eliminate the extra crazy in my life and work on spending my time and energy on worthwhile endeavors. This means purging all the extra stuff around our home, this means eating our pantry down to the minimums, so that we keep ourselves stocked with the foods we actually eat. This means going part time at work so that I can focus on growing my other interests.

So, my first project has been inspired by this post: Donnie and I have been in the process of going through all the rooms of our house and finding 100 things to get rid of in some way, mostly by giving them to Goodwill, but also just returning things that we've borrowed that have been sitting around our place forever. The project is going slowly-but-surely -- but slow and steady wins the race, right?!

We decided that we're going to get our place in shape by the time Lent starts (even though we're not particularly religious, I've always participated in Lent in some way or another) and our goal is to keep it clean around here. And to make the kitchen sparkling again by the time we go to bed everyday. February 22, here we come!