like-new bed, like-new apartment

Donnie and I spent the weekend getting our apartment in order. We cleaned, we organized, I got my "to deal with" emails in my inbox down to two. I made lists, we did laundry, we shopped the sales at the grocery store and meal planned around the cheap stuff. We got a bed (with a headboard!) that is new to us. It was first my mom's and dad's, then my aunt's and uncle's, and now ours. We blessed the bed with lysol and also some chants to ward away any past juju and who-knows-what-else. I'd like to think I sounded like the beginning of Lion King ("himmmm-min-yan-uh, himmm-min-yim-in-yan-UH") but probably I sounded more like I had to pee really badly.

Tonight, we cooked an amazing dinner (cauliflower pizza crust and a fancy salad) and I baked some vegan banana bread, and we cleaned as we cooked, and the mess afterwards was manageable. Donnie finished cleaning the kitchen and made coffee, we made our lunches, and now our mornings will be so much more pleasant and relaxed. This is something we're going to try to keep up, as often as we can.

And for your enjoyment, here are our lunches all ready to go, just before putting them in our lunch bags, next to our preset coffee pot. Featured: leftovers from tonight, making this the leaning tower of pizza. (Sorry.)

(I'm not really sorry.)