Happy Anniversary to my Love! Part I

I had a post planned for today about the Madison Vineyards where Donnie and I spent our weekend. But instead, I interrupt this regularly scheduled broadcast to bring you From a Small Step: Anniversary Edition.

Today is our dating anniversary! We've been together for three years now, though this start date is a little fishy because it's actually the anniversary of our first kiss. We don't remember when our first date was!

Donnie and I had been working at That's Rentertainment together for several months. I thought he was pretty cute and a little nerdy, he thought I was a very enthusiastic employee who hadn't seen many movies. We were both right. Also, those days, at work, he went by the shortened version of his name: Don. (I promise this is relevant to the story.) I invited him to a party at my apartment, which my mom also came to (because I was pretty cool and invited my mom to most parties I had in college). He arrived and realized he knew absolutely no one at the whole gathering- but never fear, Kinzie's here! I followed him around and invited him to see a picture hanging in my room of some flying squirrels. Also, I introduced him to my mom:

Kinzie: Mom, this is my coworker Don.
Donnie: Hello.
(long pause as my mom stares Donnie down for a really long time, or for a few seconds)
Mom: ....... Donnie??!?!? (pause, during which I realize she called him Donnie and not Don which was his name, as far as I knew) Were you in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at the Station Theatre in 1990?
Donnie: ... Yes.
Mom: I assistant directed that show! I was in charge of the Oompa Loompas! You had those cute purple circles on your cheek for the show! Kinzie came to all those rehearsals with me!

So apparently, Donnie and I were pals back in the day. You know, when we were 3 and 5. Or 2 and 5. Maybe the show was actually in 1989.

As the party dwindled down, we ended up sitting on the couch together, NOT holding hands (but brushing pinkies, you know, the way middle schoolers do?) until 5 in the morning. When we finally kissed...

I'll bring you the rest of our early dating story later today. Stay tuned!