To My Love! Part II

Where we last left off, Donnie and I had just shared our first kiss. A lovely, wonderful, and very sleepy kiss. The next day, I brought Donnie coffee at work. It was good to see him again, but frankly, neither of us knew what to expect- whether that kiss would blossom into a relationship or if it would just live on in our minds as a really great night.

All photos by the ridiculously talented Wasabi Photography

See, the other thing that complicated our situation is that days before that party, we had each made plans to move far away. Donnie planned to move to Chicago in late May and I had just applied for a job in France which would start in September. Not the best time to start a relationship.

So we proceeded cautiously, having dinner together after work, and going to see lots of movies at The Art Theater (where [spoiler alert] we're getting married three months from today!!!!). There was something that kept us coming back, one date after another.

At Rentertainment, where we met

The day I got the job in France was several months into our relationship. Coincidentally, Donnie cooked dinner for me at his grandma's house. He grilled eggplant, made an incredible salad, and bought some fancy wine. As I watched him cook, thinking about how to break the news to him that I would be moving to France for 8 months, I fell in love with him.

Travis really captured our personalities in this one... :)

I was nervous to share my news, knowing that it basically doomed our relationship -who in their right mind attempts a cross-ocean relationship after dating for only seven months?!- but when I finally told him, he leaned over and gave me a huge high-five.

That's when I knew we would take our relationship one day at a time, to see where the adventure would take us. We still do that, though now I know I'll be taking that one day at a time with Donnie as my partner in crime. There's no one else I'd rather have by my side.

Meadowbrook Park, where I proposed!

(All pictures in this post are from Wasabi Photography, aka Travis, aka Mr. Beagle, aka Ms. Bunny's husband, who is also shooting our wedding. We're so excited to see him again soon!)