Oh hey, guess I'm married or something!

Hello dear friends! I'm back! Back from the land of weddings, of which there have been SO MANY. Seriously. We got married Memorial Day weekend. (Ahhhhh! We got married!!! Married life is great and not that different but also better and really great!) And then we went on our two week honeymoon (which was, I admit, a total luxury). And then we got back just in time for a wedding that weekend. And then Donnie's sister got married on Friday! Whoa. Lots and lots of love.

But now I'm back today, with ambitious goals of more frequent blogging. I'm feelin' good. I just got home from teaching my summer theatre class, I've poured myself a drink, heated up some leftovers (8:30 is too late to start cooking dinner, at least tonight). And I have a confession:

I've been doing some big dreaming lately. The kind of dreaming that involves plans and goals and ideas. The best kind of dreaming. I wish so badly I were at the point where I felt confident to divulge the details, but we'll get there eventually. In the meantime, I'll tell you I've enrolled in a photography class (with the intent of deadlines and assignments forcing me to step out of my box and to take risks and adventure) and have been taking lots of pictures of people I love. And it's all part of the PLAN. Mwahaha.

I have to give some credit, or a nod, or something, to my dear friends from my home town. Because they started this. The brave-ness in me. The part of me that is going after what I want, rather than what I think I should do. The day after our wedding, a few of us still in town got together and had a powerful night in which we shared our goals and dreams. I still think back on that night and the empowered energy it gave me. More later, probably, on the big stuff that night did for me. But in the meantime, I'm going to go enjoy my margarita. Check back soon for more of my most recent goings-on. :)

(Remember how I said we got married?! That was pretty cool. -photo by Wasabi Photography)