Some Haikus

Donnie poured me a glass of wine. It must have had vodka in it, I swear, because I am about 6 sips in and already feeling it. So what better time to wax poetic?

I was super into haikus in high school. I used to take notes in them, adhering strictly to the 5-7-5 syllable limits. I would write them in my journal. I would scribble them on desks. It's been awhile, but I'm itching to write another one. And what better time than the present? Here are some haikus for your entertainment (some of which are inspired by the NBs- thanks friends!) :

White wine must be the
strongest of the wines. Maybe
D added vodka.

Linoleum floors
are easy to clean but so
is our fake hardwood.

Deciding what to
do with my "free" time. There are
Goals, Dreams, and twitter.

Pyramids. The strength
of our ancestors in four
triangular sides.

Once I bit my tongue
while chewing grape bubblegum.
Bubbalicious ruined.

When I was seven,
I loved raw hot dogs. Now I'm

My father-in-law
makes the best walnut butter
in the world. Booyah.

Taking pictures of
the most beautiful baby
tomorrow evening.

Now it's time for me
to bid you adieu, sweet blog.
Until the next time.