Donnie and I tend to eat dinner later than most Americans. We usually fall somewhere between French and Spanish diners. :) Last night we sat down to eat around 8:30, after beginning cooking somewhere around 7. Our meals can be somewhat epic and almost always get every dish dirty. Now that we have a dishwasher (whose name is not Donnie, that is), it's still a big to-do but it's much more manageable of a clean-up than it was in our last apartment. But boy, do we cook well together. Makes all those dishes (mostly) worth it.

Last night's dinner was a stir-fry featuring rainbow swiss chard and purslane* from the farmers' market:

And zucchini from Donnie's parents' garden...

And so many greens! and tofu! and mushrooms!

We topped it with some nutritional yeast flakes and hoisin sauce. And dessert was rice pudding, but I subbed some anise extract for the cinnamon and nutmeg. Mmmmboy do I like food.

*which is ... a weed apparently. Who knew?