Thankful Thursday: Belly Laughing

This is a Thursday series in which I pause and acknowledge something big and important or something small and insignificant that has made me thankful. It is so important and incredibly refreshing to look at the positivity around us, when we are so often surrounded by negativity. 

This week, I am thankful for belly laughing. I am talking about the kind of laughter that shakes your whole body, that makes you stop breathing for a moment, that turns your face red and brings tears to your eyes.

Tonight, while I was babysitting for this really cool toddler I know, I changed the kid's diaper and then snapped him into his pjs. I picked C up off the changing table and set him down on the floor by me. Instantly, I noticed a weird bulge in his pants (lower than his diaper) and couldn't figure out what it was. It was the toy truck he had been holding, now inside his pajamas.

I started smiling and asked C where his truck was. He looked down, saw the lump, looked up at me, and smiled. And all of a sudden, before I knew it, we were doubled over, clutching our bellies. Every time one of us stopped laughing, we only had to make eye contact to lose it again. There was something so brilliant about the high level of communication C and I achieved over such a silly little non-verbal event.

What are you thankful for? What's the last thing that made you belly laugh?