Balloon Fest recap

This weekend, I went with my family to the Centralia Ballon Festival which I've attended almost every year (maybe every year? Mom?) since I was verrrrrry little. It was Donnie's fourth balloon fest. My friend Amy has always been a big part of the Balloon Fest in previous years but she and my mom cause too much trouble together so she's been outlawed from Centralia. Just kidding, mostly. But she's still part of the event even if she's not there in person. We thought about her the whole weekend. (Hi Amy! We missed you!) And the weekend almost always lines up nicely with my great-grandmother's birthday, so it's a great way to celebrate with her as well! Here are some pictures from the weekend, from my super high quality cell phone. 
Because there aren't many vegetarian-friendly main meal options at the fest, we stocked up on baked potatoes at Wendy's. Of course we ran into a cousin of mine there. I think I'm related to about half of Centralia.

My mom won! She got the best stamp at the entrance! Mine was super smudgy and is still there slightly, despite the fact that I work at a school and wash my hands incessantly. But oh man, my mom's stamp was perfect!

I think I have a picture just like this from every single year. Just after entering the park, we can see the balloons beginning to inflate. 

My brother made this face in every single picture I took so I finally stopped including him in group photos. Sorry Cambone. But anyways, here's our little group!

Pretty clouds as the sun was setting.

Balloon Glow!

Some dolphins doin' it! The most scandalous balloon ever!

Hmm what to eat... Deep fried PBJ? Alligator on a stick?

Ah, yes, deep fried pickles! The best! Except they were out of ranch dip which was very disappointing.

All in all, it was a remarkably successful Balloon Fest weekend. What family traditions do you look forward to every year?