Newborn: Oliver

Once upon a time, a beautiful, beautiful baby boy was born to the most incredible family. I had the chance to take maternity photos for the two of them, and it was such a treat. Little did I know that meeting their son was going to be an even more special occasion. Ryan and Jody have eased gracefully into the role of parenthood, and I feel so lucky to call them my friends. Here are some pictures we took when Oliver was a wee two weeks old.
I just couldn't resist this guys little wiggly toes. They are the best!
Oliver's middle name is Vonnegut. He is destined to be a rockstar. Or, you know, a novelist.
Friends, thank you for having me over to spend such a wonderful evening with the three of you. Oliver, you are a lucky kid, having parents as excellent as Ryan and Jody are. I'm so glad I know you!