Thankful Thursday: Kids at my school!

This week, I have been especially thankful for the baby room at my school. The kids at my school are definitely the highlight of my job. They are such a treat to be around and to learn from. Yesterday, I subbed in one of the infant rooms, and it was so nice to have that change of pace, doing something I know I'm good at. And the baby snuggles don't hurt either.

Also, sometimes there are funny things that happen at work, and these things often make my day. When I chopped my hair off and walked into a two-year-old classroom for the first time with my new 'do, most of the kids started shouting vague compliments in my direction. But one little boy pulled on my sleeve and said, "Ms. Kinzie, did you cut your hair?"
And I said, "Yes, N, I did. What do you think? Do you like it?"
"I don't know..." he said, studying me curiously.

Following that contemplative remark, I started music class. About 10 minutes later, in the middle of a song, N turned back to me and said, "Ms. Kinzie, I like your hair cut. I think you're cute!" So glad I got his approval. :)

I can't post pictures of the kids at my school, so I suppose another picture of (the most adorable, handsome, cool, and super cuddly) Oliver will have to do. Will you forgive me?