The 30 Day Filming Project

I've been watching quite a few online workshops through creativeLIVE lately (I'm especially looking forward to one about Boudoir in mid-February). The workshops last week were with Sue Bryce and Hailey Bartholomew, who talked about using video in your business, and about making show-reels to share who you are and what your business was about with others. Obviously Donnie and I now have big plans. :) The part I'm most excited about (other than ALL OF IT) is the challenge they posed: to make a "30 Days of Gratefulness" video, filming little bits daily throughout the month of February. I've gotten a head start.

The challenge is to pull out the camera and film little clips of everything throughout your day that you're grateful for. The other day, I shot the olive oil droplets on a pan after making some homemade croutons. It's really forced me to slow down, look around, and soak in my world a little more. I'm also learning new things about my camera that I haven't figured out, mostly to do with shooting video. It's an exciting adventure!

Here are the details (the image links to Hailey's blog post about it) - in case anyone wants to join in on the fun.

30dayproject2So who's with me? What are you grateful for?