Thankful Thursday: Our Kitties and Other Adorable Animals

This is a Thursday series in which I pause and acknowledge something big and important or something small and insignificant that has made me thankful. It is so important and incredibly refreshing to look at the positivity around us, when we are so often surrounded by negativity.  Our cats are so weird. All three of them. (Yes, that is three cats in a two-bedroom apartment, for anyone who is counting...) Perry LOVES headbutting wet hair, and also likes licking plastic things like tupperware, plastic bags, and trash cans. Walter  is very fancy and mature and too cool for school, until you act like you might pet him and suddenly he will leap off the floor to brush your hand. Whiskey has anxiety about doors being closed, and can paw at the other side of the closed door for an hour before he finally loses interest.

These boys didn't used to snuggle at all (especially not Whiskey and Perry) but more and more, this is a common sight. Sorry for the harsh flash/cell phone pic -- to get this photo in the dark room, I had to sneak attack!

But one of the funniest things is our cats all love water. Because of Whiskey's aforementioned door anxiety, we tend to shower with the door cracked open. And suddenly, mid-shower, I'll look over and see one of the cats poking his head in. Or, sometimes Whiskey will hop up in the sink and try to catch the water with his paw while I'm rinsing my toothbrush.

But the all-time favorite activity these days is the trickle of water that runs down after you turn off the faucet in the shower. All three cats leap ferociously and compete for the best spot, just to get in on the water action. The other day, I turned the water on to a little trickle, and captured what happened. It was too good not to share. (Walter is the orange cat in the tub, Perry is the brown cat, and Whiskey is the orange cat on the ledge of the tub-- he wasn't invited down into the tub with the cool cats club...)


These cats bring me so much joy. I am thankful everyday to have them in our lives -- I truly can't imagine our home without them. So, here's to you, Walter, Perry, and Whiskey. Thanks for making me smile everyday.

PS Apparently I've been on a big animal kick lately. I discovered this article the other night and have looked at the photos and read the captions approximately 50 times. Too good. I think my favorite photo is the last image of #9. :)

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