Fancy Lady Boudoir || Fancy Lady E || Champaign-Urbana Boudoir Photography

I am so incredibly excited to share this Fancy Lady Boudoir session with you. This was the very first boudoir session that I shot, and the moment I arrived at E's apartment, I could tell it was going to be a wonderful afternoon. But then, once we started shooting, it kept getting better and better. By the end of the session, we were both so pumped! -- I never wanted the session to end, and if we didn't have dinner plans, we probably could have kept going forever and ever. Fancy Lady Boudoir 1

E is absolutely stunning (as you can see) and it was a treat to work with her. Clearly, she absolutely radiates beauty, and I did my best to capture that in these images. But even more than that? So many of these photos showcase her loving spirit and her undying joy. 

And that's exactly why I think these sessions are so important -- and why I think they would make such a great Valentine's Day gift for someone you care about, or as a love-gift for yourself. It's so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day chaos of life without pausing to appreciate how rockin' we are. It's time to stop that now. Let's chat, shall we?

And now, I couldn't be more excited to share E's beautiful boudoir session (at least the images that I have permission to show... ;) ). She is SO gorgeous, is she not??

Fancy Lady Boudoir 2 Fancy Lady Boudoir 3 Fancy Lady Boudoir 4

Fancy Lady Boudoir 6Fancy Lady Boudoir 5

I am so grateful to E, that she was willing to take a chance with me, that she was willing to boldly put herself out there, and flop around on the bed and couch, and trust me to take stunning photos of her. Thank you, E! You are so beautiful!