Yesterday, and joy, and good grief!! - Brain Dump

Fall Tree Yesterday was HUGE. A little too huge for my brain, in many ways, but... also it was just about perfect.

1) I've been chatting with some ladies around the country about scheduling Fancy Lady Boudoir sessions. Which makes me excited to no end. That said, I feel like I should clarify in case there is any confusion -- I will shoot a Fancy Lady Boudoir session with you ANYWHERE (or any other type of session for that matter), and the only thing you have to pay extra is the exact cost of my travel fees. Because I love traveling, and also because I don't want to exist in a world of limits. So, you want to take pictures together? I'll come to you.

2) The State of the Union Address. I was super excited to hear Obama talk about the necessity of accessible, quality early childhood education. Oh boy, he couldn't have been more right... I listened to a Planet Money Podcast some time ago (last year, maybe) that stuck with me. Give it a listen. I promise it will be worth your time. I have so many more thoughts on this subject, but perhaps we'll save them for another time.

3) I just registered for the WhatIF Conference 2014. It's crazy, because I don't even know the exact date or the exact location (both are TBD) but I just have this feeling that I need to go. You can read posts from various friends who attended this year -- it seems like a conference that is bigger than words can express, and my guess is that once we move to Savannah in the fall, it might be even more necessary than I realize.

4) Ummmm I'm terrified to put this next one out there. Because it means I have to stay true to it. For Lent, I am going to do Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred. Every day. Until Easter. For some reason, my family has always observed Lent each year, even though I wasn't raised in a particularly religious home. Maybe because it's a challenge, or because it's another chance at a New Year's Resolution. In any case, I have always observed Lent -- but maybe not in the most traditional way. One year, my mom and I challenged ourselves to write a letter to someone different every day. One year, Donnie and I gave up purchasing bread, and only could eat it if we made it ourselves. And this year? I'm going to do a Jillian Michaels' DVD everyday until Easter.

Now, I realize this sounds difficult (boy do I realize...) and I also know that I tend to get bored of her workout if I do it even two days in a row. So I'm going to start out with a little built-in flexibility. I've requested a few of her other DVDs from the library -- so on days that I just can't stand the idea of doing the 30DS again, I'll do one of her other videos. UGH this sounds HORRIBLE! But I'm also excited to embark upon this challenge.

May I ask for your support as I attempt this great feat? Will you allow me to check in, and even complain once or twice, about how much I don't wanna? And then, will you congratulate me when I have accomplished my goal? I don't think I can do this without you, truly.

... And hey, anyone want to do this challenge along with me? It's just 30 minutes a day!