A Little Break

I am taking a little break from social media this week. I've deleted the twitter and facebook apps from my phone*, all related bookmarks are deleted from my internet browser... And I used my morning email time to finally catch up on all my emails, and I also returned to INBOX 0! No unread emails, and I've unsubscribed from all my pesky daily emails (except for a few that I actually read). It is amazing what opening my gmail and seeing this instead of 466 unread messages does for my soul:

inbox 0

I've always had trouble with limits on the computer. Donnie reassures me that everyone has trouble with this, but for some reason, I feel like I'm just the worst at deciding when I've been on facebook long enough, and have so much trouble closing the window. And not reopening it. :) Maybe I'm just an all-er-nothin' kind of gal, except "nothin'" isn't an option when you're running a business that is mostly conducted online. But I think that a little break from the personal social media will do me some good. (I'll still be hanging out a bit on my business facebook and twitter accounts - and I've got a few sneak peeks to share this week!)

Do you have ways that you limit your online time? Are there any good plug-ins or apps that help you manage your time, or keep yourself on track? I'm begging you for your insight here, people!



candy crush

*I even deleted Candy Crush, because that game has become a problem. There have been way too many nights that Donnie and I have stayed up way past our bedtime playing the game, sitting side by side in bed, not even talking to each other, just entirely absorbed in our phones, and switching around the little candies to make them explode. (I don't think that deleting the app will delete all my data though, since it's on facebook, so I can't really be too proud of myself. My hard work and progress is still saved! Mwahaha.) Also, on further reflection, it's probably not doing great things to my subconscious to see "You failed!" over and over again. On an even deeper level, now, I'm considering if this game is such a good idea...