Thankful Thursday: Good Food

This is a Thursday series in which I pause and acknowledge something big and important or something small and insignificant that has made me thankful. It is so important and incredibly refreshing to look at the positivity around us, when we are so often surrounded by negativity.  We have eaten like royalty lately, and almost every meal has been something we have cooked ourselves, or with friends. And I've realized, more and more, that our method of socializing is very often tied up with food. I'm okay with that. In fact, I am thankful for that. (See what I did there?)

Last weekend, we visited our friends Adam and Zev. It was a true treat to spend time with them. Our visit began with a trip to Trader Joe's while we were hungry (so you know we were in trouble). We came out with a week's worth of food which we consumed in 2 1/2 days. It was amazing. This is the pizza we came up with:

pizza with Adam and Zev; Oak Park, IL

Most weekends, we have brunch with Donnie's family and dinner with my family. Sometimes the meals are creative feasts, and other times they are just a chance for us to sit around and catch up, chat about our weeks, and begin the process of preparing for the week ahead. It's always wonderful. Recently, at a Sunday Brunch, we made grill pizzas. I took this as a chance to practice my manual focusing during video, and came up with this short blip of a result.


I am so thankful for the food culture we seem to be a part of. We have had some of the best conversations over food and drinks. Want to come over and cook with us sometime? We'd be happy to have you.