Snow Day

On Saturday, Donnie and I took advantage of the (relatively) warm weather and went on a photo walk, wearing our spring jackets. We opened our windows to air out our stuffy-from-winter apartment. Our cats enjoyed the fresh air. Walter the Cat is not so sure about the snow. Our poor kitties and the things we get them into...

And on Sunday, it snowed 8-10". I know, I don't understand it either. Most of our town had a snow day yesterday. They closed the state university and the community college. They even closed my old school, which rarely happens. The town was sleepy and quiet -- but working from home, I didn't have the excuse of snow keeping me from my job... :) For a break in the early evening, we went on another photo walk, this time in puffy coats and boots. We sought out the very first photo for one of my personal projects, which we met with some degree of success. Donnie also made a snow child and then pushed him down a slide.

So much snow.


There ought to be photos from our photo walk with this post, but to be honest, things have been so crazy preparing for my Seattle trip (I'm leaving tomorrow morning!!) and wrapping up loose ends around here, that I haven't had a moment to grab the photos off the camera. So! Photos from these adventures will come soon. In the meantime, enjoy these mediocre cell phone photos -- one of which sports a bright red cardinal who is ready for spring. Can you spot him?