Why You Shouldn't DIY Boudoir Photography

I am still recovering from the brilliant whirlwind experience that was Seattle. Every single person I met, shot a session with, or shared a meal with, was truly incredible. I am so grateful that photography has guided me to meet such phenomenal individuals. I'll have more to share on the trip soon, and hopefully some sneak peeks from my sessions up on the blog at some point. But in the meantime, I'm going to leave you with this silly set of images. The night before the first sessions, I played with some fabric that I brought with me. I propped my camera on a chair, used the timer setting, and ran around after setting up each shot in an attempt to jump into the frame. (It was late, and I was entirely too lazy to pick up the remote clicker that was sitting in my bag about 10 feet away from me...) These are back of camera cell phone photos -- I was about to delete the images from the camera right after I took them, but... well, some things are just too good (bad?) to not be shared... :)

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Next time, maybe I'll grab the remote...