Thankful Thursday: Guest Post

I find that the more I search for thankfulness in my life, the more abundant it seems to be. From time to time, I will be sharing guest posts for the Thankful Thursday series -- because I love love LOVE hearing what others are thankful for. If you're interested in writing a guest post for a Thankful Thursday, contact me here. I would love to feature your thoughts!

This Thankful Thursday post is written by my good friend Sarah, who writes over at The Comyn Space. A fellow vegetarian, she is incredibly passionate about food, and if for no other reason, you should follow her blog for her recipes which are usually simple enough to make spontaneously (a great quality!). I'm especially fond of her Irish Soda Bread and her homemade yogurt, which we've made twice now with great success. Soon we're going to be turning the yogurt into a soft cheese, also according to one of Sarah's posts.

In this post, Sarah writes brilliantly about the community of women who raised her to be the strong, passionate woman she is today. I love what she has to say. And maybe next time I'll have her write about her KitchenAid mixer. :)


I started to tell you about how thankful I am for my KitchenAid stand mixer and my handsome winter boots and the knowledge of what makes a good pickle and how I know to always wash my cast iron with salt, not soap.

But that isn't the whole story. You see, I'm am grateful for each and every one of those things, those bits of knowledge. But, what I am really thankful for are the women who showed me show to start a fire in the pouring down rain, or who helped me get ready for my wedding, and who always listen intently to me.

Sarah and her sister

As a kid I didn't realize how much support and love was being poured out on me and my younger sister. There are probably too many to name, but for each I am thankful. My Aunt Conni taught me the secrets of thrifting and once took me to the fanciest of dinners at a hidden restaurant. My Girl Scout troop leader, Cat, opened her home to us, letting us act like ladies even though we were just gangly kids practicing being grown ups. And then there's my mom: there are no words to express how humbled I am to be her daughter.

Sarah's strong female community

I am infinitely blessed to have this village surrounding me, like poles on a trampoline, supporting me as I bounce higher, never quite letting me hit the ground.