Thankful Thursday: Walter the Asparagus Cat

This is a Thursday series in which I pause and acknowledge something big and important or something small and insignificant that has made me thankful. It is so important and incredibly refreshing to look at the positivity around us, when we are so often surrounded by negativity.  I am in Connecticut this week visiting my dad and his wife after a wild weekend in NYC of friends and more friends and photography. It was a dream weekend come true.

And I'm so happy to be at my dad's place, but I'm really missing those kitties and that husband that I left behind at home. Donnie has been sending me frequent photos of our cats doing crazy things, but it's just not enough. I want to snuggle up with them all right now, please and thank you.

So, to alleviate some of my homesickness, I've been immersing myself in old photos and videos of the cats. And I found a true gem that just begs to be shared. I'm so thankful for this video that fills me with warm fuzzies. It's almost like I'm back in Champaign-Urbana again.

Walter is obsessed with eating green things. Carrot tops, flower stems, anything he can get his hands (paws? teeth?) on. But his all time favorite is asparagus. He just can't get enough. I'll leave you with this treat of a video. I hope everyone is having a wonderful week!