Goals - and a Fresh Start

On my way home from Connecticut, I made a quick stop in Chicago to spend a few hours with the lovely E. to shoot her rockin' Fancy Lady session (which involved yoga clothes, which totally kicks ass, in case any one is wondering). And then 16.5 hours after I left my dad's house in CT, I finally arrived home. Home sweet home. To my husband (who seems to be even cuter than he was when I left), my lovely kitties (who have been nothing but obnoxious/adorable since I got back), and my bed. It's good to be back.

I also seem to be full of brand new resolutions. I've always been a New Year's Resolution gal, but I've also always been a fan of birthday resolutions, Monday resolutions, it's-a-new-day resolutions. So I'm not surprised that coming home from a long trip has resulted in some big thoughts and even bigger plans. I look forward to making them happen.

Appropriately, as my dad and I began the trip to the airport early Sunday morning, this was the lovely view outside the car. It's just an iphone photo, but I think it does a pretty nice job of reminding me that every day is a new day to succeed and make dreams happen.

sun rising

What dreams do you have up your sleeve lately? Please do tell me -- I would love to cheer you on!