Thankful Thursday: Reading

OK, I *know* we're really behind on this, but Donnie and I are both reading the first book of the Hunger Games trilogy. (It's homework assigned by Donnie's brother before we listen to book 2 with him on our roadtrip to Kansas City next week...) But COME ON PEOPLE. Spoilers are everywhere and I can't seem to avoid them! We went to the library yesterday to pick up Catching Fire on audiobook (rumor has it I need to stop saying Book on Tape... I'm trying!). TheĀ first sentence on the back cover is a summary of what I presume is the ending of Book 1! I put it down immediately, but it was too late. I could not unsee what I saw. The damage was done.

And then, we went to see Iron Man 3 last night (soooo good), and the trailer for the next Hunger Games movie played. Donnie and I sat there, rocking back and forth with our hands over our ears, humming childishly. We managed to avoid seeing any spoilers. But seriously, I can't seem to catch a break. I guess I just need to finish the book right this very minute. In all my free time. ;)

But the point is (and this is where the thankfulness comes in), I have been reading a lot lately. And it's been lovely. (Except for the stressful abundance of spoilers, of course.) The last few nights, Donnie and I have sat side-by-side in bed to read for about half an hour. In all the various driving I do from job to job, I've been listening to Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix in the car. I'm also in the middle of approximately thirty-seven photography books (or two...) and a few novels. And it's feeling good. It's been a perfect break from all the screen time I seem to be accumulating these days, and seems to help me wind down my day after late night business operations.

Read any good books lately?