Champaign-Urbana Engagement Session || Adam + Zev || Carle Park in Urbana || University of Illinois Graduate Library

It is so appropriate that I am sitting here writing this blog post with the extraordinary voice of Audra McDonald in the background. When I hear her music, I think of Adam and Zev. They might be the only people to love her as much (more?) as I do. She is amazing and inspiring. This is a video of her singing the most beautiful song. Though, I wouldn't watch it unless you have some time to recover after. I'd say it's NSFW, but for emotion, rather than nudity. In any case, a lot of what I admire about Audra (yes we're on a first-name basis) is her ability to tell a story, to connect with her piece, and to help you feel like you're there with her. Which is one of my biggest goals with photography. I want you to feel like you know the person on the other side of my lens -- like you could reach through and give them a hug. I want to tell the story of the men and women I shoot sessions with. And in this session with Adam and Zev, I want you to be able to feel the love and joy that they share with each other, and with the world.

Adam and Zev are a phenomenal couple. They are ridiculously talented, so giving, and constantly loving. They have excellent cooking abilities (we love cooking -and eating- with them!) and are the best doggie parents you could ask for. I could seriously go on and on about how wonderful Adam and Zev are. But instead, I think I'd just prefer to show you, and hope that even an ounce of their wonderful is tangible through these images.

engagement session_carle park_spring1 engagement session_carle park_spring2 engagement session_carle park_spring3The photo on the right is Adam and Zev's "Myra Face" -- I love it!

engagement session_carle park_spring4

engagement session_carle park_spring5See what I mean? These two are AMAZING. We love you both!