Thankful Thursday: Being my own boss

This is a Thursday series in which I pause and acknowledge something big and important or something small and insignificant that has made me thankful. It is so important and incredibly refreshing to look at the positivity around us, when we are so often surrounded by negativity.  Yesterday was a day and a half. It started out incredibly well. Waking up to the impending DOMA/Prop 8 decisions, celebrating with my friends across the country about the victories of yesterday morning... What an amazing high I was riding on. And I was ready to get to work, to conquer the world!


... And then I smelled cat pee in our living room. Which is where my day started to unravel. One of the cats had peed all over a pillow and inside of *my camera bag*. Luckily, he just got the camera bag, and somehow missed all of the camera bodies and lenses inside. Thank goodness. But still, our entire apartment smelled like cat pee and something needed to be done about it.. So I had to rearrange some plans (thanks for understanding, Rachel!), and then I spent the next 3 hours cleaning and washing the cat pee from our lives. Ughhhhh it was so disgusting. But a load of laundry and lots of mopping did the trick, and we are finally back to normal.

It was a gross afternoon. But I felt so thankful that I was able to deal with it, and rearrange things as I needed to, and could continue working after rehearsal to catch up on what I didn't get done in the afternoon. The flexibility of working for myself (and having a million babysitting jobs, but still...) isn't always easy, but then with days like yesterday, I'm extra grateful for my life.