A Tolono Day

This weekend was wonderful. On Saturday, Donnie and I shot a baptism with the loveliest family. I can't wait to share a sneak peek from it soon. And yesterday, I spent entirely with family, the first and last parts with my in-laws, and the middle part with my mom, brother, and grandma. In the morning, I went on a run with my father-in-law and Donnie, also accompanied by my mother-in-law and Olive and Bebe, two tiny dogs.


In the afternoon, I laughed and giggled with my grandma, and had some very important conversations with my family.

And at night, we went back out to Tolono to watch some fireworks for Tolono Fun Day. Except this year was a wild experience -- the wind was blowing in just the right direction and bits of fireworks were raining down on us.


We all agreed that it was the most high-risk fireworks show we've ever attended.

What did you do this weekend?