Life in Color: July

I am thrilled to be a part of a small collective of ladies. We have come together and bonded because we are all alumni of Christy Tyler's photography workshops in Chicago. (See me in the yellow shirt? With the long hair? It's so weird to see pictures of me without my short hair now!) Also, another side note: Christy and two other amazing photographers are hosting a workshop in early August, and if Les Mis weren't performing that weekend, I would be there in a heartbeat. Will someone please go for me so I can live vicariously? It's going to be an amazing experience and full of epiphanies and lots of photography learning and wine. Go! Have fun! Cry a (joyful) tear for me! And then tell me all about it. Please? In any case, I want to get to the photos, so let me explain just a bit about this collective. We are a small group of female bloggers (predominately pro photographers, but photo enthusiasts are also well represented) who are taking on a monthly challenge together. The gals are all posting once a month with a post and photos that fall into the category of "Life in Color." Obviously, it's fairly wide open, so I'm excited to see what the other ladies come up with. Pretty much our only other instruction was:

         Be creative, be whimsical, be yourself.

I can handle that. :)

For my first post of Life in Color, I wanted to share images from the last time we were in Savannah, GA in November. After we got home, I kept thinking about how vibrant, creative, and beautiful the city was. The light was magical everywhere. So even though these images were taken with my iPhone, I feel like they do a great job of capturing the life in Savannah. (Can you tell I'm so excited to live here??)

Savannah, GA portrait photographer_0005

Savannah, GA portrait photographer_0006

Savannah, GA portrait photographer_0004 Savannah, GA portrait photographer_0001 Savannah, GA portrait photographer_0003

That's my Life in Color this month! The wonderful Katie, of Katie Oblinger Photography, posted here with her Life in Color post. Isn't she so talented?! Go look at her photos and leave her some love!