Thankful Thursday: French Press Coffee

This is a Thursday series in which I pause and acknowledge something big and important or something small and insignificant that has made me thankful. It is so important and incredibly refreshing to look at the positivity around us, when we are so often surrounded by negativity.  This morning I woke up and decided that it was going to be a good day. This morning started with some really tasty coffee made in our French Press that was a wedding gift, and therefore it is obviously imbued with love (that's how it works, right? that's how I think of it anyway). Donnie usually makes the coffee in the morning, and he takes most of it, leaving me the half-cup or so that I like to drink. So I drank that usual half cup... and then made another pot just for myself. WOOOOOOOOO! (I may or may not still be riding on a caffeine high at 4 pm. I'm not telling.)

Anyways, I poured myself the coffee in my cheery sunflower mug and then decided to take a picture of it. Except my plans got derailed by two fellows named Perry and Whiskey. Here's a little glimpse at my favorite morning iPhone photography bloopers. :)

Savannah, GA boudoir photography Savannah, GA boudoir photography Savannah, GA boudoir photographyI think this Perry action shot is my favorite:Savannah, GA boudoir photography

I call this one Through the Cat Belly:Savannah, GA boudoir photography

Happy Thursday to you!

PS I finally updated a few of the galleries on my website with some of my more recent work, and a few old favorites - go check them out!