Sneak Peek - Newborn Lifestyle Photography || Baby Connor || Pesotum, IL || Champaign-Urbana Newborn Photographer

What a treat! Mandy contacted me in June to see if I could photograph her baby once he was born. I was thrilled to accept - and even more excited when Mandy shared her photography wishes with me. She said she was hoping for a lifestyle session - where we could take photos of her baby in his natural environment. This is perfect, because that's exactly the type of photos I love to take! (When I was younger, I had a crazy affinity for Anne Geddes photos, but I finally realized I just liked the costumes -- rather than the photos themselves...) On July 6th, I got news that their baby, Connor, was born the day before. Happy birthday, Connor!! We made plans to meet up, and this past Saturday, I spent the morning with Mandy, Mark, baby Connor, and a great dog named Sam. They have a lovely home in Pesotum, IL with some of the best light that I've ever seen. They must have gotten tired of me exclaiming, "Oh the light is so perfect on you right now!! Let me just take one more shot!"

Here's a little sneak peek of some of the images we captured on Saturday, when baby Connor was eight days old. He's now 10 days old. Basically ready to go off to college! :) My favorite thing about him was his full head of hair, but his little cry when his parents changed his diaper was pretty adorable too. He's a lovely, happy baby, and his parents are amazing with him.

Champaign-Urbana Newborn Lifestyle Photography_0006Champaign-Urbana Newborn Lifestyle Photography_0007

Mandy, Mark, and Sam, thank you for sharing Connor with me for a morning. You have a wonderful family, and I'm so glad I got to know you all! xoxo!