Opening Night!

Things have been non-stop, go-go-go lately. Babysitting and Les Mis have been consuming the majority of my time, and in the spare moments in between, I've been attempting to catch up on client emails and editing. I delivered a gallery of images of Baby Liam's baptism to his family last night and received the most joyful email in response. Made my day. I love my clients the most. I just wanted to stop in and say hello on the ol' blog, and share a quick couple of images with my faithful readers. First up, a rascally kitty, perched on top of my desk. Next to his tail is one of my favorite photographs ever, of my grandparents on their wedding day. I love it the most. (Sorry the picture quality is terrible -- I did my best to capture the moment as it was happening, and before Whiskey fell to his demise...)

whiskey champaign-urbana portrait photographer

And now for a photo of a different nature -- me in my Lovely Ladies costume for Les Mis! I am seriously obsessed with my costume and my wig. I couldn't be luckier with the ensemble that the costume crew put together for my character...

savannah, ga boudoir photographer

I was a little nervous to put this photo up here, but I figured that if I'm hoping for some of my Fancy Lady Boudoir clients to be willing to share their images here, I may as well be willing to put myself out there too. ;)

Come see my show, guys! It's gonna be so good!

Also: AHHHHHH it's August! In one month, we will be in Savannah, GA! Time is FLYING by! Who wants to come over for a glass of wine and help us pack after Les Mis is over?