Update || Move to Savannah, GA

The last few days have been crazy. We arrived in Savannah on Saturday afternoon, after a long, wild car trip with our families. I can't even begin to capture in words just how grateful we are for the support of our people. Our friends got super sweaty with us, helping us pack up our apartment, our grandmas have showed us nothing but unending love and support, our aunt and uncle put us all up at their house near Atlanta en route to Savannah, and our families drove across the country with us and helped us sort out our lives here. We had a little bit of unanticipated chaos when we arrived (no worries: all is well), and our families, and our local friends have helped us enormously as we have navigated our way through it all. I am so grateful.

In any case, we are still without internet, so posting will continue to be rather spotty. But I've got all sorts of photos to share with you soon, once I get things at Kinzie Ferguson Photography going full time again. I owe a giant thank you to my friends and family who haven't been with us in person, but who have shown a huge amount of support in our first days in Savannah from afar.

Our boys in the backseat of the car. They are expert travelers by now, you know. (And will tell you as much themselves...)

Just a reminder – I am going to be keeping my photography business going strong in Champaign, IL, so if you're thinking about scheduling a session (holiday cards! family portraits! senior portraits! fancy lady!), get in touch, and we'll work something out. There's a strong chance I might be home in October for almost a week, so there will be plenty of time for fall sessions! And if you're in Savannah – call me! My schedule is open and I am ready to shoot some sessions. (Who wants to be my first boudoir client in Savannah? I have some rockin' ideas!)