Life in Color: Savannah Fashion Night

It’s time for another Life in Color post! Life in Color is a small group of female bloggers (predominately pro-photographers, but photo enthusiasts are also well represented) who are taking on a monthly challenge together. Each member posts once a month with a post and photos that fall into the category of “Life in Color.” It’s fairly wide open, so I’m excited to see what the other ladies come up with each month. Make sure you click through to the next blog in the circle, featured at the end of this post! It's been a wild ride since we arrived in Savannah, GA just a little over a week ago. I already have two potential second shooter wedding photography gigs lined up, and I'm beginning to make contact with the local photography community. Turns out everyone here is GREAT, and that just makes my heart soar.

For this month's Life in Color post, I am featuring some images that I snapped while wandering the streets of Savannah for Savannah Fashion Night. SCAD (the school Donnie is attending starting next week (!!!)) has a huge fashion program, and as a result, there are a lot of very fashion-forward folks here. It was a treat to walk up and down Broughton Street, taking in the bright colors and admiring the bulky jewelery and neon shoes and belts.

I ended up taking photos of bow ties everywhere I saw them, and before too long, it had become a little game. Donnie and I walked down the street, eyes snapping quickly to gentlemen's collars, hoping to see yet another bow tie fashionably knotted around their necks. Each time, I grabbed yet another photo, and this game continued until it became too dark to play any longer. Here are a few of my favorites! I love Savannah!

savannah fashion week fancy gent boudoir bowties

And now, if you'd be so kind, follow this link to the next post in the blog circle. This is Kim's first time contributing a post to our circle, so I'd extra appreciate it if you'd go check out her post and leave her some love. (Her blog tag line is: "inspire create live healthy be happy" so you know I love her already!)

Have a brilliant day!