Happy Birthday Cambone!*

I have a very tolerant brother. When I took the Advanced Photography course at Parkland last year, my brother was very frequently one of the people I roped into modeling for me (if only to give Donnie a break). Lucky for him, I couldn't find the photo of him stuffing his face with chicken that I captioned "Tastes like chicken" for our "text on photos" exercise. No, seriously, lucky him. In any case, as his big sister, my job on his birthday is to give him a hard time and share a few stories that I know will embarrass him. There was the time when he was 2 that I dressed him up in a matching set of bra and underwear and painted his nails blue with glow-in-the-dark sparkles. He felt so fancy! And when he was a little kid, he would come home and take off all his clothes and run around naked yelling "FREEEEEEDOM!" (Except it sounded like fweeedom, because he had the cutest little kid voice ever. He also said fie-gin-gin for fire engine and ambi-lance for ambulance. SO cute.)

But it's also my job to share how proud I am of him. He is an incredible young man, incredibly devoted to his friends and family. Cameron is exceedingly generous and very loving. He's very involved in his church, and is an amazing goalie on his soccer team. And he is one of the most talented musicians I know, especially for his age. (He's 18 now, guys! How did this happen?!) He can sight-read most things, and can play through the piano book of Jason Robert Brown's music. This kid is TALENTED.

Another photography project from my class was a portrait-that-tells-you-something-about-the-subject assignment. Cameron very willingly modeled for me, and these are a few of the photos we came up with. I don't think I really knew what I was doing with my camera at that point (I shot most of these images at ISO 3200 and while it wasn't exactly direct sun in the room...). In any case, here are a few images of my baby brother Cameron who is a grown-up now apparently. I love this kid so much!

champaign-urbana senior portraits piano music_0109
champaign-urbana senior portraits piano music_0110

I love you, Cam! Happy birthday!!

*Get it? Cambone? Like hambone, but... Cameron? Ehhh? (This is Donnie's nickname for him; I take no credit/blame.)