Life in Color: Savannah Sunset

It’s time for another Life in Color post! Life in Color is a small group of female bloggers (predominately pro-photographers, but photo enthusiasts are also well represented) who are taking on a monthly challenge together. Each member posts once a month with a post and photos that fall into the category of “Life in Color.” It’s fairly wide open, so I’m excited to see what the other ladies come up with each month. Make sure you click through to the next blog in the circle, featured at the end of this post! We have an amazing balcony off of our flat in Savannah. I absolutely love sitting out there, and little Mr. Whiskey likes to join me (he's very nosy about the happenings in the neighborhood). Lately, I've been attempting to carve out time out there every day without my phone or computer. I take that as a chance to soak in the weather and breathe a little more deeply (often assisted by celebrated with my morning coffee or a glass of wine during golden hour).

The other day, Whiskey joined me and we watched the sunset together. By the end of the night, it looked like the sky was on fire.

savannah ga beautiful empowerment sunset photography_0100 savannah ga beautiful empowerment sunset photography_0101 savannah ga beautiful empowerment sunset photography_0102

Please click through to my dear friend Sarah's Life in Color post. Sarah has actually guest posted on my blog before - and I know I've rambled on and on about her recipes that she posts on her blog. Follow the blog circle around, and then dig a little deeper into Sarah's blog -- I promise you'll find some treasures there!