Whew! || Savannah, GA women's portrait photographer

This month has been nuts!! In the best possible way! But all the same, there is a lot swimming around in my brain right now. I thought, perhaps, that I would brain dump here. In no order whatsoever:

1. I want/need to/must rebrand. My website doesn't show off most of the work I've done recently, and it also doesn't fit my vibe. I have all the thoughts, and I'm in the process of transferring to a new host for my site/domain, and I've been researching and keeping my eyes open for inspiration from all of life. Big plans, y'all. Big plans.

2. It's getting chilly here, but on principle, we haven't turned on our heat yet. It's Fall! In Savannah! And it's still in the high 60s most days, so there's really no need to turn on the heat yet, right? Nevermind the fact that the thermostat says it's been ~62 degrees in our house when we wake up every morning. Mehhhh. We will hold out as long as we can. In the meantime, you will find me wearing lots of sweaters and the socks that my wonderful friend/extra mom Noo made me.

3. I'm trying really hard to get a new workflow going on around here. For Kinzie Ferguson Photography and also for Kinzie Ferguson's life. This is just not sustainable, this thing where I work for hours and hours and have nothing completed to show for it at the end of the day. Donnie and I are reading Getting Things Done out loud to each other right now. I've also been devouring the Back to Work podcast, especially episodes #95-100, which deal with the aforementioned book. It's going to take some work, but I think I can really start kicking life's butt.

4. Schedules! Calendars! I'm starting to plug dates into my 2014 planner. My brother's high school graduation. Donnie's 30th birthday. WHATTTTT??!!!!?????!! Time is flying by all too quickly.

5. Weddings! I've been second shooting so many Savannah weddings (and a few Champaign weddings too!) and I'm loving it. What a great way to interact with wonderful people, hone my photography skills, experiment in many different settings with wildly varying light... I have the best time.

6. The age-old attempts at negotiating my facebook/social media/productivity struggles. Not too much progress on this one, but I'm determined to conquer it!

7. My birthday! I turned 26 last week, and I'm feeling great about it. For many many years, I've felt some amount of disconnect with my actual age and how old I feel, but I feel like my age-number is finally feeling right.

8. Lots of sessions to edit! I feel like my photography has taken another leap forward, and my understanding and manipulation of light has really improved. So it's been really nice to put that into use in the sessions and weddings I've shot recently. Gosh I am just so happy when I'm shooting. I actually think there might be nothing better.

9. Fleas. Ugh. I think Walter brought some fleas home from the vet we took him to for his surgery. They did an amazing job on his procedure, but there are some unwelcome critters in our house now. On Friday we did somewhere around 9 loads of laundry, trying to wipe them out for once and for all. Also, our poor cats all got flea baths. There is no photographic evidence to keep their emotional trauma at a minimum.

See what I mean? My poor brain!

In other news, here's an image my friend Hillary Proctor (an incredible Chicago food-scene personality) took of me while we were adventuring at Jekyll Island, GA over the weekend. Look out for another post soon with some fun things I did with the image you can see me shooting here... :)

Savannah, GA women's portrait beauty photographer_0004

I hope life is treating everyone well! xoxoxo