Life in Color: Painting with Light || Forsyth Park, Savannah, GA

Recently, I got together with the fabulous local photographers in Savannah, GA for a late night Painting with Light workshop. The lovely Valerie from Valerie & Co Photographers (a Charleston, SC based photographer) came all the way to Savannah to guide us in a really fun technique -- I can't wait to play with this some more! Here are a few of the photos of the night photography that I shot throughout our evening of playing with different types of light. (I think the photos in the second grouping are my favorites, but they were all a lot of fun to shoot.) I had such a blast, and I am so thankful to Valerie for the chance to play so creatively! Special thank you to our model Ashley Shaughnessy. She was a trooper; it was a chilly evening!

 Savannah, GA night flash photography women's portraits-1
Savannah, GA night flash photography women's portraits-2
Savannah, GA night flash photography women's portraits-3

Be sure to follow the blog circle around to the next blogger, the lovely Sarah! This month is the last of our Life in Color series. This blog circle has been a wonderful reason to push myself a little bit extra, and to find different ways to be creative with my camera. I am so glad I've had a chance to work with these ladies!

I hope life is treating you wonderfully! I can't wait to share an update of what is going on behind the scenes here at KFP! :)