Kia || Milk Bath Boudoir Session || Savannah, GA Boudoir Photography

In my studio, there is the most gorgeous clawfoot bathtub. It is just BEGGING for glamorous portraits to be made in it! 

Kia came to my studio for her milk bath boudoir session, and we had the best time creating these stunning images. 


Kia, you are so amazing. Thank you for sharing this experience with me! I can't wait to photograph you again someday!

Modern Glamour Portraits Kansas City, MO Photography // Liz

"Elegance is a glowing inner peace. Grace is an ability to give as well as to receive and be thankful. Mystery is a hidden laugh always ready to surface! Glamour only radiates if there is a sublime courage & bravery within: glamour is like the moon; it only shines because the sun is there.” 

― C. JoyBell C.

hair and makeup by the extraordinary Jessica Duthu  

Liz arrived for her Viewing and Ordering session last night and once again blew me away with her grace, strength, and abundant joy. We both adore this image, and fell even more in love with it the longer we took it in. There is something about how open and gentle her spirit is, and how elegant her hands are... not to mention the grin that lights up her entire face. You are so beautiful, Liz!

What I've learned: the KonMari Method of Tidying Up

My father-in-law is such an interesting story teller, but his recent story about a parking space and a pen is one of my favorites. Especially the part where he says it would be okay if he lost the pen; that resonated deeply. Donnie and I have been examining our Savannah lives lately (using the KonMari method of tidying up! I would actually recommend reading the book about it, but in short: Marie Kondo asks you to evaluate every single item in your home and ask yourself if it sparks joy - that's a major buzzword in our home these days. If it doesn't spark joy, get rid of it. Donate, recycle, give it away, or throw it out. But don't let it stay in your home anymore.)

So, we have been purging things that don't spark joy, or don't spark joy anymore, and there have been a few things that I have purged that used to be among my favorites, that I used to wear or use everyday! But those very same items just don't spark joy in the way they used to, which means the time I have spent loving them is done. Their time with me is fulfilled. That doesn't mean I didn't love them, or that I didn't appreciate them: but rather that now they get the chance to go spark joy with someone else. How cool!

My grandma and I were talking on the phone the other day, and I told her about all the purging we are doing. I said it reminded me of her recent cleanse - where she moved out of her home (and in with a man! Ooh la la!) and sold or donated the majority of her possessions. She very wisely said, "I don't need things to remember something or someone special; I have the memories." (Unfortunately, that is a paraphrased quotation because, ironically, my own memory is a bit shit. Sorry, Gramma.) I look up to my grandma in so many ways, and her fierce independence from possessions is one of the biggest. Her ability to drink wine is another. I'd like to be like her when I grow up, please and thank you. 

 My grandma, the best wedding guest ever, busting a move at our dear friends Adam and Zev's wedding. She is the best. 

My grandma, the best wedding guest ever, busting a move at our dear friends Adam and Zev's wedding. She is the best. 

What have you done lately that sparks joy? Have you thought about tidying with the KonMari method? 

Holly // Kansas City, MO Boudoir Photography // Tattoos and Pin-ups and Sass - Oh my!

HOLLYYYYYY! My goodness, you are so stunning. I was looking through old blog posts and ... somehow missed ever sharing your gorgeous (sassy, empowered) images with the world. No time like the present, I guess! 

Holly brought so much fun clothing with her to her boudoir session. I often like to keep it kind of simple when it comes to boudoir clothing selections (because I love featuring the person, instead of being super distracted by the clothing). But when someone brings in a swim suit (!) that is THIS amazing, and looks THIS good on her?! Uhhhh yes please, I will photograph you all day in this gorgeous teal/turquoise number. 

This woman is one of the most strong, independent people I know. She is on a fierce health journey, she is a foster-mom extraordinare, and she also somehow manages to keep track of approximately a million animals on her land. And she makes a mean cake

Holly, I am so glad I know you! Thank you for coming into my studio to play with me!

Exploring gender in Pixar's Inside Out

We just saw Inside Out, the newest Pixar movie. I thought it was quite lovely in so many ways! Having the chance to look at, talk about, and examine emotion in a tangible way? Exploring the battle of a brain, and (very primitively) regarding mental health journeys as real and valid? Yes please. Count me in.

Ooh but wait. Let's talk about gender!

The personified emotions in the dad's brain were all masculine-presenting (let's call them "men"). And the emotions in the mom's brain were all female-presenting (let's call them "women"). Meanwhile, some of the emotions in Riley's brain were women, but others were men. WHYYYYYY?! Would it really be the worst thing to have a scene with no male voices in it*? Would it be so terrible for a group of women to process a girl's thoughts on their own? Is Riley's brain not strong enough, that she needs masculine back-up to help her make decisions?!

I have worked out many ways that it could make sense. That I can explain the presence of male emotions in Riley's brain. These explanations involve intricate theories about puberty and growth and exploration and gender fluidity. I want that to be the case, to think that maybe we are seeing a major motion picture explore the idea of a brain not being entirely male or female - acknowledging that the gender binary is a myth. Though if that was their intention, what a missed opportunity to say something brave and bold. 

OR, maybe, once again, my brain is working extra hard to explain away the patriarchal overtones present in everything we are exposed to. 

 Courtesy of Disney Pixar's Instagram account -

Courtesy of Disney Pixar's Instagram account -

Thoughts, my dear friends? Did you notice this? Did it bother you? I want to believe in the potential of story -- but sometimes my heart hurts thinking about all the work there is still yet to do. 

(SPOILER I think? Maybe?) *even the scenes with Joy and Sadness were "saved" by an imaginary elephant dolphin cotton candy puff ball, which was ... wait for it: MALE. Womp womp.

Angela // Modern Glamour Portraits in Savannah, GA

Angela has one of the best laughs I have ever heard. Her voice, full of joy and laughter, carried up the stairwell from the first moment I opened the door. I don't think we stopped cracking each other up in the entire modern glamour session, except to pause long enough to make photos like this one. This woman is fierce: a strong mother and wife, and an extraordinary person. Angela stepped away from the chaos of day-to-day life, got pampered by Royal Makeup & Hair, and showed me the sassiest, most empowered side of herself. Thank you for sharing yourself with me, Angela. I had the best time working with you here in my Savannah studio!

And I love that I get to see my clients again when they come to pick up the images they purchased. Best ever, that we connect so deeply during the session, and then it's not over. We get to play again! Thank you for sharing yourself with me, Angela. I had the best time working with you here in my Savannah studio!


Savannah, GA LGBT-friendly wedding photography // GaySavannah Weddings

With the impending Supreme Court decision that will determine the future of marriage equality in our country, I've been thinking a lot about the GaySavannah Wedding Expo back in August. Thirteen couples publicly professed their love and commitment to each other - and though same-sex marriage wasn't technically legal in Savannah at that point, it was absolutely the real deal. (It was the best ever. There was so much joy. So. Much. Joy!)

When there is that much love between two people, you can't help but fight hard for their relationship to be recognized as equal in the eyes of the government. Which is why I am glad that our country is moving forward collectively and will soon (hopefully very soon!) acknowledge same-sex weddings, and give LGBTQ couples, the same legal and social benefits as their straight counterparts. 

I'm rooting hard for the Supreme Court to make a decision that will move our country another step closer to true equality. (It's about time.) And then we can marry all the people! I can't think of much of a better party.

Modern Glamour Portraits // Savannah, GA Glamour Photography // Beautiful Jane

Growing up, I always loved my friends’ parents - very often, they felt like additional parents to me. We were a community, growing up in Urbana, IL, and could easily float from one house to another, knowing we were safe and protected, and would have a creative, adventure-filled time, no matter where we were.

And maybe it’s kind of unique, but I almost feel closer to my friends’ parents now than I did growing up. Suddenly, these mystical “grown ups” become regular [wonderful, special, wise] adults, and you realize just how lucky you are to know these amazing people, who used to be “so-and-so’s dad” or “my best friend’s mom.”

Specifically, I think of my friend Sasha’s parents: I have sat around the kitchen table many an afternoon with Sasha and Jane and Mark, with full cups of tea (or margaritas) in hand. We share stories, talk about art and travels, and reminisce about Sasha’s and my childhood. We gossip about Sasha’s latest drag endeavors, and get updates on the smart, witty drag magazine Sasha and his partner JJ have produced. It’s the best.

But it’s really when you get the chance to photograph someone, as I had the privilege of photographing Jane, that you really learn to love them. Because they are vulnerable, and you are vulnerable. Because when all you have between you is a camera, you don’t get to hide anymore, and you get to connect in the deepest way with the person on the other side of the lens.

And so it is that Jane and I spent the best afternoon. Sasha, calling upon his drag queen makeup application skillz, applied a subtle eyeshadow that made Jane’s eyes pop. With a little adventure through her wardrobe, we pulled the outfits that would be the most photogenic and flattering, and made sure Jane’s favorites were represented (because you want to look like yourself when you're being photographed!) - and then we made some magic.

Here are just a couple photos from our modern glamour session. I hope you can see just how amazing (and sassy!) Jane is from these few photos. She’s really the best. Sasha is featured, as well, in the last couple images. What beautiful people I know.