Blonde, Beautiful, Joyful || Boudoir Session || Kansas City, MO Boudoir Photography

When you are used to being a cosplayer, it can be tricky to step in front of the camera as yourself. I'd say that she nailed it! I love that we were able to capture so much of the joy that filled this session.

This session was all about celebrating the client's gorgeousness without any costumes to detract from her own beauty. Oftentimes it seems as though boudoir has to be sexy or nothing; but why can't it also be joyous and filled with laughter and fun?! 

That being said, there is something so amazing to the sexy shots that we found together - look how amazing and confident she is!

I'd say what made this session so incredible was that we were able to shoot exactly who she is; joyful, beautiful, confident, and sexy. Let boudoir show who you are as a person - and let me show you how incredible you are!