Frankie || Boudoir Portrait || Kansas City, MO Boudoir Photography

"The canvas is hanging on the wall opposite my bed, and is the first thing I see in the morning. It fills me with joy like I can't describe. It is THE THING that completes the sacred space of my bedroom.” - Frankie, on her prints from the session

Frankie booked a session with me to celebrate her 30th birthday - what an amazing idea, by the way! I love that she wanted to enter the next stage of her life by taking such a bold step to celebrate her own power and joy. 

I LOVE the images that we were able to capture - and what they meant for Frankie!

I am OBSESSED with the images from her bubble bath that we captured! Frankie was the inspiration to spice up my standard bathtub game with a substitution of bubbles for the standard milkbath.

In case anyone was wondering, after various tests, we discovered the best bubbles out there: Transformer's orange-scented children shampoo and conditioner from Save-A-Lot!

An incredible ending to an incredible session - thank you, Frankie!