How Do You Inspire Joy?

There is a school that I walk by when I'm out for a long stroll. If I happen to be out early enough, I'll be walking by as the kids are shuffling frantically into the building before the last bell rings. And then, there is a brief moment of total calm, in which the moms and dads and nannies and grandparents take a quiet breath, soaking in the noiseless air. The silence holds until the first bell sounds, shattering the myth of calm and snapping everyone back to their busy day.

My favorite thing is what happens next: the principal comes over the intercom and announces (loud enough for those of us on the street to hear) a little something about the morning's schedule, or an after school activity. And then she wishes everyone a wonderful day. 

I think I would like to be a principal, but mostly so I can broadcast over the world's intercom, and inspire brilliance and peace and joy in the day of anyone who is willing to listen. Perhaps that's how I've ended up here with this blog, and this business, so that my voice can reach just a little farther, to send out my love to the world. 

Here's a photo I've not shared on the blog before -- this is the photo that, in theory, went out on our holiday cards this year. I say in theory, because we're terrible at actually sending anything, ever. But this was a fun photo to shoot with a tripod and a timer in snowy Urbana, IL, right before we drove back to Savannah for the new year. It was about 1 AM and the sky had exploded in snow, so what better time to go outside to play?