Kinzie Ferguson Photography - Savannah, GA Boudoir Photography: the Relaunch!

I AM SO EXCITED. As you might know, I've been sneaking around behind the scenes here at Kinzie Ferguson Photography and making some huge changes, ordering my favorite business cards ever, and shifting my business to focus on empowerment photography. But probably the biggest change has been the website. And here it is!

Ahhhh! I love how many incredible people are featured throughout! May I take you on a little tour?

  • I'd like to start your tour by pointing you towards the different galleries on the homepage (are these women not the most stunning, gorgeous people you've ever seen?!). I dare you to get lost in the photos for a little while and start dreaming about your own session. It would be a lot of fun, no?
  • Check out the "More Beauty" section which includes some gorgeous high school seniors, couples, weddings, and events.
  • Read my FAQ too, because I was a little sleep deprived while I was writing it, so you know I was real honest. I have a lot of opinions; I can't help myself.
  • If you're a photographer or a small business owner (in Savannah, GA and elsewhere!), you might want to check out this page. Let's work together!
  • Oh, and sign up for my newsletter! So many exciting things!

And if you read absolutely nothing else, please go take a peek at my Manifesto. I feel so strongly about my mission to take over the world, and I really want to make it happen. Will you come along for the ride?

Thank you so much to my wonderful clients, my family and friends, and my kitties (who are all over my instagram feed) who have all supported me through this HUGE rebranding of Kinzie Ferguson Photography. The future is really awesome; I can feel it. Let's go on this journey together!