Modern Glamour Portraits - Savannah, GA Boudoir Photographer

If you're here from Kristin's blog, Not Intent on Arriving: welcome! If you are here for some other reason (maybe you like seeing beautiful photographs of super empowered women! I know I do!), you should definitely go check her blog out. Kristin is a delightful writer, and I'm honored to be her featured writer/blogger today!

I had the huge privilege of working with three of the most incredible, beautiful women yesterday. In the morning, "T" arrived at my Savannah, GA studio for her boudoir session. Justina, makeup artist extraordinare, quickly got to work on T's makeup, and then we began her session. My goodness, that woman is so beautiful. At one point I had the fan blowing on her hair and I swear to you, she looked just like a Victoria's Secret runway model. It was incredible. I hope she'll allow me to show at least one of her images here on the blog, because her session was just too stunning to go unappreciated by this supportive community!

And then, after work at Boudoir by Tiffany, the two women that Megan and I had booked for our evening photoshoot arrived. Megan and I both have huge goals for our businesses over the next 6 months or so, and this was a really big leap forward for both of us. It was exciting to work with both of these remarkable women, who looked amazing in the rental dresses, skirts, and corsets we got from Acme Costumes in Garden City, GA. (Thanks, guys! We had SO. MUCH. FUN. playing with these gorgeous tulle skirts!)

Anyways, I'll have a much longer post with tons more photos from both women - but for now, here is a little teaser. I'm so thrilled to be sharing these images with you!! Enjoy!